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MyBitExa.com is a professional Crypto trading platform offering services for digital currency traders.

About MyBitExa

It's the first and the biggest place for buying and selling ORTP and TXT token. You can trade ORTP and TXT for BTC and vice versa. You can also trade ETH for BTC. MyBitExa is masternode friendly exchange. Here you can trade master node coins like DASH and PIVX. MyBitExa.com is available through every popular browser on mobile, laptop or desktop PC.


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Transaction fee
Deposit fees are defined by blockchain transactions.
ETH withdrawal fee = 0,01 ETH
BTC withdrawal = 0,00015 BTC
ORTP withdrawal = 10 ORTP
TXT withdrawal = 0,01 TXT
DASH withdrawal = 0.01 DASH
PIVX withdrawal = 0,1 PIVX

Trading fee
Trading fee is 2%.

Referral program
We share 20% of our earnings for each referral you bring. The referral system goes 2 levels deep.
You receive 20% from the first level and 7% from the second level, while the first level receives 13% from the second level.