UNIA Trade and Invest. Ltd. gathers and processes your personal information (name, surname, address, city and country of residence, nationality, e-mail, Bitcoin address, bank account number and bank) for the purpose of verifying your identity when creating an account with us and for Know your client and Anti money laundering procedures. You will be further warned and notified of this when entering your personal data. Your personal data will be treated as confidential in accordance with Slovenian law. Your personal information will not be given to third persons. We will keep your personal information as long as you will be using MyBitExa.com. After that, they will be destroyed without hesitation. You can refuse to give out your personal data, but we will then not be able to verify your identity and create your account and do Know your client and Anti money laundering procedures and as a consequence, you will not be able to use the part of MyBitExa.com.