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What is
MyBitExa is the first and the biggest place for buying and selling ORTP and TXT token. You can trade ORTP and TXT for BTC and vice versa. You can also trade ETH for BTC. MyBitExa is master node friendly exchange. Here you can trade master node coins like DASH and PIVX. is available through every popular browser on mobile, laptop or desktop PC.

What is BTC?
Bitcoin is a digital currency created in 2009. It’s a mother of all crypto currencies. It follows the ideas set out by Satoshi Nakamoto. It offers the promise of lower transaction fees than traditional online payment mechanisms and is operated by a decentralized community.

Ethereum is an open source platform that enables developers to build decentralized applications like smart contracts. Ether (ETH) is the native cryptocurrency generated by the Ethereum platform.

What is ORTP?
Orietum plus (ORTP) is a token based on ERC 20 standard.

What is TXT?
Traxalt (TXT) is a token based on the Stellar Platform.

What is DASH?
DASH (DASH) is a coin that forked from BTC protocol, that supports running a masternode.

What is PIVX?
PIVX (PIVX) is a coin that forked from DASH protocol, that supports masternode deployment.

What is ERC 20?
ERC 20 is a technical standard used for smart contracts. It runs on the Ethereum blockchain.

What are masternodes?
A Masternode is a crypto full node (computer wallet) that supports the network by hosting an entire copy of the coin’s ledger in real time. In return, the Masternode will receive crypto coins as a reward. It is a great alternative to mining, and to earn passive income.

I want to buy some ORTP or TXT, DASH or PIVX. How do I start?
Create an account on Deposit some ETH or BTC to deposit address on MyBitExa. If you have BTC, trade BTC for ORTP, TXT, DASH or PIVX. If you have ETH, first trade some ETH for BTC, then trade BTC for ORTP, TXT, DASH or PIVX. Voila; after succesfull trade, you have got yourself some ORTP, TXT, DASH or PIVX.
Sign up:
For registration on, you need a valid email address and a password. After filling the sign up form and sending a request you will receive a confirmation email to your provided email account. After succesful confirmation of your account, you can login and start trading.

Note: If you haven't received a confirmation email, please check your spam folders, (Social and Promotions tabs in Gmail). Move email to your inbox and then confirm it. Some email providers won't let you perform a click operation while in a spam folder.

For a login, you need to enter email, password, (2FA code if enabled) and to check the Captcha box.
How to make a deposit?
Navigate to: Username/Deposit. Choose your coin from a drop-down menu on the left. The Coin address is shown in a Deposit information window. Carefully copy this deposit address and use it in your account where you are sending coins from. Make a deposit.

Important! Users with new accounts have to create New addresses by clicking the blue New address button.

How to make a withdraw?
Navigate to: Username/ Withdraw. Choose your coin from a drop-down menu on the left. In Withdrawal request window enter the Withdrawal amount, withdrawal address and optional address label.
Click on the Withdraw button.

A green announcement informs you:” Your withdraw was successfully processed. Please confirm it through your email confirmation”
Find, check and confirm withdrawal in the confirmation email sent to your email account. A new exchange window will open with a red announcement: ”Your withdraw was processed. You can see details in Withdrawal history”.

Check the recipient account for a successful withdrawal. You can monitor your withdrawals here: Username/Withdraw/BTC/ETH/ORTP/DASH/PIVX/TXT/Withdrawal history.

Please note:
You have to be logged in MyBitExa to successfully withdraw your coins.
After you make a withdrawal, the system will send you a confirmation email which is valid only for a short period of time.

We strongly suggest that you send only small amounts of coins to a new addresse to confirm the correctness of the address. After receiving the small amount in the recipient account, send the rest of the amount.

You can see your balances here: Users/Balances
You can choose different markets from a drop-down menu Markets.

Instant order
It is the easiest way of trading. It buys/sells instantly the desired amount of coins for available BUY/SELL price. In the Market view, choose Instant order, write down the quantity of the desired coin and click buy/sell.

Limit order

Is an order for a specific price on the BID/ASK side. After the BUY/SELL criteria are met, the order is executed.

In the Market view, a limit order is automatically selected (otherwise choose »Limit order«), write down the desired quantity, write down the price you want to make an offer for, the system will add »Total with fee«, then click Buy/Sell. A new window will appear with details about your trade. Confirm »Buy/Sell Order Summary«. Your order will be added in the Order book.

To simply copy the desired price in Buy/Sell order, you can also click anywhere in a row of the Order book. The order will be automatically fulfilled.

You can see all of your open orders or remaining percentage of partially executed orders at the »Open orders« tab.

Tab: Orderbook
Is a list of closest ten BID and SELL limit orders. It refreshes instantly after a new order is made, removed or partially fulfilled.
»Show all« reveals all existing limit orders in the Orderbook.

Tab: Market History
Is a list of last 5 successfully executed orders (instant and limit, full or partially executed).

Tab: Open Orders
Is a list of your open limit orders. Here you can see your open orders and remaining percentage of partially executed orders. Existing orders can be canceled here.

Tab: Orders History
Is a list of your past orders. It shows both, executed and canceled orders. »Show all« reveals all of your orders history. (Note: orders can also be finished only partially). Entire history can be saved in .csv format which can be easily opened with MS Excel.
We share 20% of our earnings for each referral you bring. The referral system goes 2 levels deep. You receive 20% from the first level and 7% from the second level, while the first level receives 13% from the second level.

Find your referral link here: Username/Profile/Affiliate/Affiliate information/Referral link.

Find your earnings here: Username/Profile/Affiliate/Your affiliate earnings.

Find your fee history here: Username/Profile/Affiliate/Affiliate fee history.

Deposit fee
Deposit is completely free of charge at MyBitExa.

Although there is a transaction fee defined by blockchain transfer (miners).

Withdrawal fee
ETH withdrawal fee = 0,01 ETH
BTC withdrawal = 0,00015 BTC
ORTP withdrawal = 10 ORTP
DASH withdrawal = 0,01 DASH
PIVX withdrawal = 0,1 PIVX
TXT withdrawal = 0,01 TXT

Trading fee
Trading fee is 2%.
Choose a password you can remember and save it in a safe place. Do not share your password with anyone. Please protect access to your electronic devices, your passwords and accounts. MyBitExa will never ask you for your security details.

You'll have to check the Captcha box to prove you are not a robot when trying to Signup, Login, send a new password or send an email to support.

We strongly suggest enabling 2FA on your MyBitExa account for your extra protection. Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is an additional login code for account verification, which adds extra protection. Besides username and password, login requires something that only user can have. It changes six digit code every half a minute. There are numerous apps out there, the most popular is Google Authenticator.

You can get Google Authenticator for free in Google Play and App Store for Android and IOS users.
Forgot password
On the login page, you have an option »Forgot Password?«. Input your email, click Send email and the system will send you a new password to your email. Carefully copy the new password. You can change your password anytime in Username/Profile/Security settings.

Suspended account
If you have entered the wrong password too many times, your account will be suspended. The system will send you an email with the Suspend confirmation link which you have to confirm.

Didn't get a Confirmation email?
If you haven't received a confirmation email, please check your spam folders. Also, check the social and promotion tab in Gmail. Move email to your inbox and then confirm it. Some email providers won't let you perform a click operation while in the spam folder. You have to click the orange button to confirm.

Creating a new deposit address.
Users with new accounts have to create New deposit addresses. Navigate to Username/Deposit, chose a coin from a drop-down menu and click on the blue New address button. The new address is shown in Deposit information/Address.

Where is my money?
Transactions are fast, but nevertheless takes time. ETH and ORTP first confirmation usually takes 13 seconds, DASH and PIVX takes few minutes, while BTC first confirmation takes up to 10 minutes.

I can't see my coins to place an order but I have them on my account?
Please check your Open orders, probably your coins are reserved in an open trade.

Withdrawal or deposit to wrong address
If you have provided the wrong withdrawal address, there is nothing we can do. Blockchain transactions are final and irreversible.

I received a withdrawal confirmation email but it wasn't me!
Somebody got access to your MyBitExa account. We advise you to change your passwords and enable 2FA protection. If your email isn't hacked, your coins are safe. There is always a possibility that someone with access to your computer, mobile, email, 2FA or MyBitExa account is trying to get your coins. Bots and phishing programs made by dishonest people are out there and are trying to get your hard earned money. Keep your passwords and devices secured.

I lost my phone. How can I reset 2FA?
Please send a message to our support. We will ask you for your first deposit transaction ID so we can be 100% sure that you are really you. You can find your past transactions in your wallet or account.

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Send an email to Our team will try to help you asap.